TESTFORM is founded in 1995 in Ankara - Turkey. TESTFORM is among the best known equipment manufacturers of laboratory and in-situ material testing in Turkey and in the world. The product range of TESTFORM has extended to over 5000 including the quality control laboratory testing and in-situ testing equipment which are manufactured and imported and exported.

The vision of TESTFORM is to provide quality control laboratory and in-situ testing equipment which are produced using high technology and in line with international standards, having a prompt and reliable servicing at competitive prices. This vision guides us to meet the needs of our customers

Using this vision as our guide we have increased the number of our customers in Turkey and worldwide. We also gain the respect by participating in international tenders and getting orders in all the corners of the world.

To access and to keep in touch with our customers we form partnerships with local companies in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Middle East which also help us to offer effective solutions.

We are appreciated and praised in our country by all the relevant authorities for our export performance and services rendered.

TESTFORM is a large organization offering a wide range of products, we are proud to serve you and thank you for your time to visit our web site.