Hydrostatic Head Tester

  • Product Code: HY0812
Hydrostatic Head Tester


HY0812 Hydrostatic Head Tester is used to determine the resistance of fabric to water penetration under pressure while firmly clamped in the test ring of standard area, by means of the dynamic test method and static test method.



ISO 811

BS EN 20811

BS 3321, 3424-26

JIS L 1092A

ERT 120-2-02

GB/T 4744

FZ/T 01004


  • Microcomputer control, digital setting, touch LCD operation
  • Adopt high precision pressure sensor, more accurate
  • 3 kinds of pressure range selectable
  • 5 kinds of test mode selectable

Technical Specification:
Model HY0812A HY0812B HY0812C
Test ring diameter 113nun
Test area 100cm2
Measuring range 500Pa~50kPa 500Pa~ 200kPa 5kPa~500kPa
Water pressure rising rate l~20kPa/min, digital setting
Working mode 5 kinds
Water tank capacity 1000ml
Power supply AC220V+ 10%, 50Hz
Power 200w
Dimensions 550 X 400 X 600mm
Weight 100kg
Standard Configuration:
No. Item Quantity
1. Main machine 1set
2. Calibration board 1pc
3. Water tank 1pc
4. Quality certificate 1pc
5. User manual 1pc
6. Packing list 1pc