Curing Cabinet - 550 lt

  • Product Code: YH-60B
Curing Cabinet - 550 lt


EN 196-1


The Curing Cabinet is ideally used in commercial and onsite laboratories for standard curing of concrete, cement, and similar material samples in accordance with EN196-1 (cement) and EN 12390-2 (concrete).


It is used as a curing cabinet for the curing of Cement, Mortar, and Concrete test specimens.

Cabinets keep test specimens at a certain temperature and humidity level.

The curing cabinet provides temperatures between 16ºC and +40ºC and humidity up to 98% with the immersion heater and cooler unit supplied with the cabinet.

This curing cabinet is suitable for cement, concrete, cement product, automatic temperature control, uniform temperature, digital parameter setting, and display, it is a kind of common concrete testing equipment in the laboratory.


Cabinet consists of 3 layers, an inner frame of stainless steel, an outer frame made of quality cold-rolled steel plate, a middle layer filled with a quality heat-insulating material, beautiful-looking, corrosion-resistant;

Digital display temperature and humidity controller provides high resolution, direct reading, easy operation, and high accuracy;

Big power compressor for the cooling system, evaporator, and external condenser, with a fan inside to reach a uniform temperature;

It has a high-power electric heating tube;

With the advanced ultrasonic humidifier, it achieves a better humidification effect;

The stainless steel shelves of the inner frame securely hold the molds, samples, and numerous cement prisms.

Technical Features:  
Model YH-60B
Inner size 960*570*1000 (mm}
Capacity 60 sets of Soft practice test molds/ 90 pieces 150*150*150 concrete test molds.
Temperature range 16-40DC adjustable
Humidity range >90%
Refrigerator power 185 W
Heating power 600w
Humidifying power 15W
Fan power 16Wx2
Weight 180kg